HP Designjet L25500 60-in Printer (CH956A)

CH956A HP Designjet Printers’ Features

Brand: Hewlett-Packard
Product Code: HP Designjet L25500 60-in Printer (CH956A)
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Increase business opportunities with a printer that delivers unrivaled versatility with a broad outdoor/indoor application reach.[1] Experience the ease of reliable HP Designjet printing. Attract the attention of environmentally conscious customers.


Unrivaled versatility from one printing system

  • Meet your customers’ many needs with one device that offers unrivaled versatility for outdoor/indoor applications. Generate high-impact ad campaigns that span indoor and outdoor applications, from POP displays to bus shelters to vehicle wraps.
  • Achieve high-quality results—that meet clients’ branding requirements—for all your indoor signage applications, from exhibition graphics to interior decorations.
  • Print on a wide range of media, including coated media or polyester fabric[2] and low-cost papers without treatments.
  • Produce vehicle wraps with HP Latex Inks that outperform eco-solvent inks.

Easy, automatic, low maintenance printing

  • Experience easy, unattended printing with HP Thermal Inkjet printheads and automatic maintenance.
  • Experience greater uptime—with user-replaceable printheads you can avoid the delay and expense of a service call.
  • Automatically achieve high image quality and consistency with the HP Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS) and embedded spectrophotometer.
  • Post-print production is easy with prints that come off the printer dry and ready—for lamination, packaging, shipping, and display.

Go green, improve your operator’s work environment

  • Provide your print operators with an improved working environment—without the health and safety considerations of printshops that use eco-solvent-based printers.
  • Build a competitive edge with odorless prints[5] that allow placement in Point-of-Purchase areas where odor is a concern.
  • This HP Designjet meets strict energy efficiency guidelines and helps keep costs down without the need for an external dryer or special ventilation equipment.
  • Distinguish your business and attract new environmentally focused customers by offering a complete solution—including water-based HP Latex Inks and HP recyclable media[3]—that helps reduce the impact of printing on the environment.