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epson service center malaysia

Epson Cover Plus Service Pack

As one of the only authorized Epson Printer Repair & Service Center Malaysia, we here at Printer Laboratories are well-trained and prepared to provide service and repair services for your Epson printers. As printers are some of the most frequently used office equipment, the high workload tends to cause wear and tear in time. Having your printer breakdown when you need to print urgent documents is not something you would want to experience. As a proud official partner of Epson, our qualified technicians here are able to diagnose, fix and provide the ideal solution for your printers. Other than that, we are able to do all that at a comparatively lower price point. We even offer you the option of extending your Epson Product Warranty by an additional 2 Years! Our commitment to client satisfaction and quality make us the ideal Epson Printer Repair & Service Center in Malaysia choice for many of our clients.

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